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Data Mining and Warehousing

Data mining and data warehousing are tools of a successful business. They help in gathering, storing, analyzing, and presentation of data to get quality decision-making from them. Our expert team of BI consultants can help to make better business decisions by using these tools.

Data Governance and Management

Data governance is the process of setting up data management strategies for the goals that organizations have in their data-related activities. Data management is the process of applying policies, principles, standards, and guidelines to assure the appropriate use and integrity of data.

Data modeling and Architecting

Data modeling helps companies consolidate all their data. A data model will help your company understand how it collects, analyzes, and communicates around its data assets. Data architecture is more concerned with what tools and platforms to use for storing and analyzing the data.

Data Warehouse modernization

Data warehouse modernization is a major component of your data strategy, allowing you to meet rapidly changing business requirements and provide support for new data sources. A data modernization strategy will help an organization achieve a more efficient data architecture.

Data Integration and ETL pipeline

Data integration is the process by which disparate data from different sources are combined into a single, unified view. It's a complex process that requires advanced ETL tools to extract, transform and load the volumes of valuable data flowing through an ecosystem.

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Data Analytics and Reporting

Fuel your business decisions with data analytics and Reporting. Data Analytics helps the business users in analyzing data from previous years, current trends, and predicting future trends. A BI report gives you the right information to improve your company’s performance.

Big data management

Big data management is the practice of managing big data to help businesses make better decisions faster. It's the process of gathering, storing, organizing, analyzing, and delivering relevant information to meet business needs. Big data also includes data cleansing, migration, integration, and preparation for use in reporting and analytics.

Data warehousing

Warehouse your data and make fast, data-driven decisions. It is used by companies for storing, managing, and analyzing information. To get data into your data warehouse, you need to use ETL software. An ETL system takes large volumes of raw data from multiple sources, converts it for analysis, and loads that data into your warehouse.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is an important data-driven tool that enables organizations to gain more insight into their business operation.BI tools can be used to analyze data sets and present findings in reports, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps to provide stakeholders with the data they need to make decisions.

ML and Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is a process that combines advanced data analysis techniques with technical expertise and human knowledge to produce analysis-based forecasts. It is a process in which computers are used to automatically create reliable predictions from data using machine learning. Machine learning uses computational methods to automatically extract inferences from data.

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BI Dashboarding

A business intelligence dashboard (BI dashboard) gives you one centralized view of all data from across the organization. This data helps businesses understand their current performance. With consolidated views, KPIs, and insights, BI dashboards provide your business with actionable data.

Data visualization optimization

Data visualization is an artistic and quantitative approach to communicating data. It takes raw data and organizes it into a visual, understandable format for human consumption. We help in Optimizing data visualization making the data suitable for the decision-makers.

Data platform and Dashboards development

A data platform is a complete solution for ingesting, processing, analyzing, and presenting data. It connects disparate data sources, making data available throughout an enterprise to those with appropriate permissions.

If you want to convey vital information to influential decision-makers most easily and effectively possible, you must know how to create dashboards. We’ve helped our customers by developing dashboards and reports that enable them to find the track the right KPIs for decision-making.

Custom visualization services

Our customized visualization services can help you spot trends, track business goals, compare business unit/product performance, and gain an understanding of your business—helping you make better decisions faster. We convert hard-to-understand data into clear visualizations to increase the appeal, retention, and comprehension of your data.

Data Analysis and BI consulting

Our data analysis process uncovers useful information from complex data sets. Our BI consultants help in organizing business data and information from analysis useful for all business decisions. We help you create different user roles which will help them access the data that matters the most to them.

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Stratix One Customization

Sometimes you need to customize a great product to make it work perfect for you. We can use STRATIX/SDI and build dashboards limited only by your imagination!

Ways We Can Help?

We can help you with comprehensive report development or give you a boost with design work and mentoring. Fluent across multiple analytics platforms, we are also your go-to partner for reimagining and moving legacy reports to your new environment, optimized.

Dedicated Developer Model

Specialized for Metal Industry

Hire Dedicated Remote Developers from the team of Star Software On a Monthly Contract basis. Pick the best Resources to amplify the capabilities of your technical team. Scale your development team within 7 days with certified developers.


Inhouse Developer

Star Contract Resource

Employee Salary

US$ 12500

US$ 2200

HR Cost

US$ 100


Recruitment Cost

US$ 2500


Office Space and System Cost

US$ 350


Upskilling and Learning

US$ 100


Work Culture Maintenance

US$ 50


Total Estimated Cost

US$ 15500

US$ 2500

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