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Cloud Data Management System to store, share, manage, sign, and approve documents online.

When you are running a business, there are scores of documents that need to be managed which can be a daunting task for many. Storing documents in a way such that they are easy to access is important. 

Our Document Management System allows for easy handling of all your physical documents while maintaining a complete record of the same online. You can then edit, comment, share, sign, and approve them anytime from anywhere on any device.

When you store documents online, searching for specific data becomes easy. You don’t have to go through the process of shuffling through files and folders to find something that wasn’t even there, thereby, saving you time that can be channeled towards business growth.

Why store documents online?
Key Features

Controlled Access & Safety

Share files with your team in a secure and private way (especially in the accounting department) by using our document management system. The system allows you to create groups, which can be shared with as many users as necessary. Documents that are shared are encrypted and can only be viewed and edited by those authorized.

Easy Approval Of Documents

Save time and money by inviting people to review your material test certificates in a hassle-free manner. Get your certification requirements approved by multiple reviewers. We provide you with a document management system that is perfect for managing these tasks all at once, or each in a different order.

Changes In Real-Time

With the help of a real-time document manager tool, you'll be informed of any change to a folder or document as soon as it happens. The software will alert you to any changes made on a daily basis (or more frequently if you choose) so you can keep track of your data in real time. You can also make changes yourself so you can keep track of changes.

Sharing & Allocation

You can install our DMS to help manage your documents. You can then organize and arrange the files of your choice in many different ways. Our DMS allows you to create reminders for your document, while also enabling you to delegate access to various users, such as employees or clients, to work on it.

Dedicated E-mail

To ensure that all users have access to the same documents, set up an email address that will be used for each user's account. With the integrated features of your DMS, when you send a document to a specific address in your inbox, the attached file will also be available to all users. This makes managing files easy.

Add Sub-Accounts

Create sub-accounts based on the roles of different users. Assign your employees different roles within the security-enforced DMS so that you can assign the content they need to share. The DMS gives you a way to ensure that even though your employees have access to sensitive information, it’s always controlled and monitored.

Local System Backup

Although cloud-based DMS is an excellent system for ensuring data safety, you can also choose to keep a local back up of your documents on traditional hard drives. This is a quick and convenient way to back up your important documents in real time.

Legal Data Protection

Our document management system helps businesses to stay in compliance with their corporate data security and privacy policies. The system integrates existing documents management systems with the latest features of the GDPR and other regulations around data and information management.


If you have thousands of documents that come in every day or hour, you want to keep track of which are important and which aren't. We have a Dashboard that will help you do that. It will show you all the documents, with the current status and any recent changes made.

Easy tracking through PO No, SO No, MTR No, etc.

The Document Management System (DMS) assigns each document a unique number, which is then used to store the document. This provides a significant degree of security, as it prevents the possibility of storing two different MTR certificates or PO no., or SO no. by the same number. It also makes it easy to track them since they are all given a particular number that can be searched for easily.

Automatic File History or Revisions

Preserve the existing metadata and earlier versions of the file, while you are working on a new version of the same document. Our document management system makes it easy to recover these past file versions with just one click! The Document check-in and check-out feature will lock the document automatically while you are editing it, so no one else can make changes while you are.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Cloud-based, completely digital document management system, accessible on all devices with a running internet connection such as your desktop, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone.

Digital Signature & Verification

Sign your digital Word and PDF documents easily from the DMS itself. Store the documents that are digitally signed and validate them using the e-signature option. Digital signing and time-stamping of all your documents according to the RFC 6283 Standard for easy access, usage, integrity, authenticity, and durability.

How does our software make document management easy?

Improves document management

It allows for a complete overview of documents with notifications for changes that are made in real-time.

Promotes collaboration between teams

With all your documents stored online in one place, you can grant access to your colleagues/ employees, so you can collaborate easily with them.

Increases business efficiency

With an improvement in document management and collaboration in & between teams, you can see business efficiency rising.

Ensures document authenticity

When you sign documents digitally, it generates an impression of authenticity and indicates that your documents can’t be tampered with.

Allows for quick data searching

With all your documents in one place, you don’t have to go through multiple folders. Important data can be searched quickly and conveniently.

Facilitates remote access

Storing business documents online means you can access them from any device, anytime you want without being present physically.

Go Paperless!

Encouraging businesses to remain in harmony with nature.

The process workflow

Star Software strives to provide integrated and innovative automation solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best practices and recognized industry standards through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry. 

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