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Pre-employment Tests.

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We have the industry most thoroughly used Pre Employment tools. Our Pre Employment assessments are used by employers and they trust us. Predict the performance of candidate with our unique personality and value tests. Not only do we know how to predict candidate performance, we know how to predict personalities and values that make people more or less likely to perform well on the job.

Why use SkillCounty Pre Employment assessment test:

Identify the real skills of candidates.

Pre-Employment Tests are often considered as a measurement of Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence or Personality Traits. But reality is that these tests may not actually be measuring what you think they are. With SkillCounty assessments you actually get what you need.

Avoid biased scaling and misinterpretation of results.

Often, the analysis and interpretation of results are negatively impacted by candidate race, gender, nationality, age or religion. SkillCounty helps remove the biased interpretation of results.

The only system that actually captures and measures the candidate’s knowledge.

We capture the actual skills and behavioural characteristics of candidates without any bias which gives you a real and true representation of the candidate’s abilities.

The most widely used, trusted, and effective pre-employment assessment tool in Industry.