AI and machines complement each other

Star’s cognitive technology can accurately capture and verify the most complicated documents. When used in our cloud-based system, Star’s technology gives human operators immediate assistance when verifying data. Our system is highly secure and scalable, and it works on any device.

Accurate data capture

Invoice data capture is a vital piece of many business processes. These data fields must be transcribed and extracted in the most accurate and efficient ways possible. Star uses OCR to capture the vital data of invoices. Following this, AI reads the data carefully, capturing each field’s content.

AI is a better option than manual data capture

Manual data capture leads to a lot of inefficiencies and errors which are eliminated using AI data capture. Star AI data capture is cost-effective and easy to deploy.

Star gives a human touch

Star software started 15 years back from scratch and has partnered with various fortune companies. We have a dedicated team of support professionals who provide human touch whenever needed.

Star AI transforms itself for better


Star AI transforms whenever there is human feedback for adapting to a changed requirement. This enables us to process the customer requirements quickly.


We are always there to support your business processes. Contact us to know how our software can be the right tool for your business.

Star Software strives to provide integrated and innovative automation solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best practices and recognized industry standards through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry. 

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