Virtual Campus Recruitment!

University hiring During COVID

Features of Our College Talent Acquisition:

SkillCounty is a pioneer in campus recruitment. We provide a unique campus solution to the companies to access the fresher’s.

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Proactive Talent Acquisition

Skillcounty’s Campus Recruitment Programmatic Platform transforms campus hiring by offering recruiters and employers a chance to be first movers while collecting real-time information from the candidates. We provide that depth of insight to the employers with real-time data collection through our online campus recruitment tool SkillCounty Campus.

A Unique Approach

We build virtual campuses for colleges across India enabling easy student engagement and online recruitment for employers. We help businesses, irrespective of the industry and domain, improve their success rate in campus placements. We partner colleges to organize on-campus events, with real time reporting on the events leads and engaging student audience. Once you’ve found the right fit, SkillCounty facilitates an easy on-boarding process that minimizes the hassle involved in hiring.

The Cost Advantage

Managing campuses is both complicated & expensive. This is where SkillCounty comes in. With our campus solution, you get access to highly motivated students & a well-trained & experienced team that can save your organisation millions of dollars in recruitment costs by creating an accurate candidate database and performing low cost sourcing activities.

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