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What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is a technology that uses computer programs to automate routine tasks in a process. It’s a fast way to deploy and update computer programs, allowing them to carry out tasks more quickly than before. RPA can help companies reduce labor costs and time spent on manual tasks, making the business more efficient.

Attended RPA

Attended robots, are simple to use bots that can complete routine office tasks. As assistants, they automate parts of more complex workflows. However, they don’t operate on an at-scale basis. As such, they act like mini automation assistants.

Unattended RPA

Unattended RPA technology is a category of robotic automation that can perform repetitive, frequent, and unpredictable tasks. Unattended RPA robots can handle tasks without human oversight.

More RPA Solutions For Your Business Needs

Analyzing Trends

Using RPA, you will be able to source data from multiple sources. This can then be analyzed and pooled up for use by planners. At the same time, trends can be analyzed at various points of the supply chain to take effective decisions.

Forecasted Reports

Forecasting helps in demand management. RPA helps in generating accurate Forecasting reports that foster demand planning.

Maintenance Of Plant

Using RPA, timely maintenance of factory equipment was achieved. This automation reduced the shutdown period.

Shipment Tracking

Using RPA we can now analyze the costs involved in using a transport carrier. Also, track shipments using tracker systems to know the status of shipments. Thus effectively transport your goods using RPA.

Enhance Productivity

Now you can schedule your production tasks much easily with RPA. This allows you to know the time lag between request and execution. This also allows you to optimize route plans, improve process efficiency and reduce manual errors.

Streamline Operations

With RPA access data from anywhere, anytime. That too at enhanced security.

Contract management

Use automated contract management with ease now. Reduce the risk of manual errors in contract creation and renewal

Price Monitoring

Our RPA helps in providing daily price updates, also fright costs involved so that buyer can focus on revenue activities. At the same time, any changes in quotes of demand are instantly provided to the customer.

Staus Updates

This RPA tool provides users with delivery status updates enhancing the customer service experience.

Query Handling

RPA helps in resolving customer queries making them informed about their complaints. Compliance is maintained to assure no query remains unresolved.

Realize The Benefits Of Automating Finance Processes With RPA

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Accelerate the Financial Close

RPA delivers financial data on demand, supporting external reporting and business decisions.

Create Business Resilience

Adapt to change by eliminating repetitive, manual document-and data-intensive tasks

Improve accuracy

Eliminate processing errors with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Improve Cash Flow

Streamline the accounts payable and account receivable functions by
automating invoicing and reconcillation tasks.

Reduce Costs

Automate manual processes & data validation checks to improve the efficiency of financial operations.

Strengthen Governance & Controls

Ensure regularly compliance, automate manual controls and tighten governance of financial processes.

Save Time and Effort

Uipath streamline processes, uncovers efficiencies and provides insights, making the path to digital
transformation fast and cost-effective. It leverages existing systems to minimize disruption.

Elevate Employee Experience

By automating tasks, your teams are free to spend time
on work with better returns. More than 200 ready-made components in our
Marketplace give your employees more time-in less time.

Improve Customer Experiences

With robots handling tasks, teams are free to deliver extra service to your highest-level customers. By standardizing processes, your outcomes are more efficient and effective.

Making Use Of Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is beneficial to automate and optimize different processes within the organization. Most of the time, organization use RPA to automate and manual tasks as data processing, launching and handling application.

Launch and Handle Application

Data Processing

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